Bringing some tiny blessings to the homeless children of Makati, Philippines!

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Kyle's Story

As a San Diego native, Kyle Javier is thankful to have lived a golden life sharing his sunshine from coast to coast; but something was always missing, a purpose. In April 2018, Kyle visited his father's homeland for the first time and it was an eye-opening and humbling experience. On this missionary trip to the Philippines he spent much time visiting doing volunteer work. Pulling teeth and delivering medicine, Kyle provided over 200 patients with medical assistance on that trip. It was these intimate interactions with countless families in dire need, many with young children and absent parents, that he began to carve a new path for himself.

Upon Kyle's return home, he continued back to his daily hustle, nonetheless preoccupied by the extreme poverty he had just abandoned. It was through helping with childcare for a friend in need that quickly set off a chain of realizations, and he knew where he belonged. Only two months after his first trip to the Philippines, Kyle decided to return in order to found Tiny Blessings. Today Kyle remains in the Philippines as a newly formed citizen, working daily to serve children and families of Makati. We may often take for granted basic needs such as housing, healthcare, food and childhood schooling, but these are privileges never fathomed by so many Kyle works with. Through the development of educational and health-related supports, these same individuals are realizing a self-sustaining life of upwards mobility for the first time in their lives.

Unsatisfied with the lack of disclosure of funds by most charities, Kyle is determined to make a difference and excited to show you how he does it. 100% of your donations are invested directly into Tiny Blessings Programs, and he will send you photos of exactly what your money bought to prove it.

Contact Kyle Javier at ktvjavier@gmail.com


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Your gift will instantly be put to work! Kyle Javier's efforts can be seen at work via Instagram @_tinyblessings and @kylejavi3r

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Child Hope Philippines in collaboration with Tiny Blessings for the Street Education and Protection Program. You can help give these children a reason to create a brighter tomorrow!


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The School of Academics and Arts creates academic and creative balance with their arts-integrated curriculum. With your help and support, you can empower these children through education.

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